Prolime Feed Lime

SA Lime & Gypsum’s feed lime is manufactured from finely crushed limestone - a natural source of calcium carbonate that typically exhibits a calcium content of between 33 and 35 percent. To optimise the benefit to livestock farmers, SA Lime & Gypsum’s feed lime is produced from limestone with a high purity level. Our feed lime is ground or crushed into consistently sized particles that vary in size according to the livestock diet it has been specifically designed for.


Feed Lime Product Range:

As one of South Africa’s foremost feed lime producers and suppliers, SA Lime & Gypsum’s feed lime subsidiary, Prolime, provides a range of premium feed lime products:

  • Prolime Feed lime (-1 mm)
  • Prolime Poultry Grit (2-4 mm)

Please browse the product data sheet for more in-depth analysis of the composition, particle size and calcium content.

Benefits of Prolime Feed Lime

As calcium is not naturally produced by animals, feed lime is an essential food supplement suitable for all types of livestock. Animals require calcium to promote optimum growth, thereby enhancing productivity.  Feed lime is the most cost effective, simple and effective way of enhancing nutritional value and associated productivity.

The advantages of supplementing livestock feed with premium quality Prolime feed lime products are:

  • The promotion of milk production in dairy herds
  • The development of healthy bone growth in young animals
  • Improved heart function and nerve & muscle strength in livestock
  • Increased strength of egg shells in the poultry and ostrich industry
  • Poultry grit in the gizzard aids digestion and associated weight gain

About Us

Prolime Feed Lime was established in 2009 to focus on the production and supply of quality feed lime in South Africa.  All Prolime’s feed lime products feature a rich calcium content and a low moisture content and are supplied to various feedlots across the country.  Prolime Feed Lime is based at Buhrmansdrif in the North West Province.

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