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Welcome to Africa Lime Industries Zambia Limited

The fast developing economies in the region north of South Africa provided an opportunity to establish a growth center for Africa Lime Industries (Pty) Ltd in Zambia. The Zambian business which was incorporated in 2010, partakes in all the different segments of the lime and gypsum markets and through a combination of strategically located production and distribution facilities, provides the best product quality and service to customers in Zambia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and surrounding countries.

Africa Lime Industries Zambia Limited operates both an Industrial hydrated lime manufacturing facility in Lusaka and a calcitic and dolomitic limestone quarry and processing facility in Kabwe, capable of manufacturing ultrafine Agricultural lime as well as various sized aggregates for the booming Zambian construction Industry. These manufacturing and distribution facilities provide high volumes of quality products and services to its valued customer base across the country.


Lilyvale Agrilime & Aggregates
The farm of Lilyvale is located near the town of Kabwe (formerly known as Broken Hill), geographically centrally located in the Central Province of Zambia and within one of the most productive and fastest growing agricultural areas in this country. The quarry and processing plant is situated along the Great North Road, some 130km north of the capital city of Zambia and about 55km from Kapiri-Mposhi in the north. Given its location on a strategic highway connecting Lusaka with the Copperbelt, the Northern and the Luapula provinces, this operation is ideally situated to also provide excellent quality crusher stone for the fast expanding road aggregate and building industries in this booming economy. The Lilyvale agricultural limestone plant is a versatile operation with access to both calcitic and dolomitic limestone quarries, producing high-grade ultrafine products to treat Zambia’s acidic agricultural soils, which are largely caused by natural weathering as a result of the extremely high rainfall in the country. The Lilyvale processing plant has a nameplate capacity in excess of 30 000 ton agricultural lime and 60 000 ton aggregate per annum with the capability to easily increase this output through its modular design.

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