A leading manufacturer and distributor of calcium, magnesium, gypsum and silicon related agricultural products in South Africa.

Following exceptional year-on-year growth since its inception in 2003, SA Lime & Gypsum (Pty) Ltd had advanced to become the supplier of choice to the agricultural lime and gypsum market in Southern Africa, delivering in excess of 750 000 tons of quality products to the doorsteps of its customer base across the lenght and widt of the region. 

SA Lime & Gypsum (Pty) Ltd's objective is to promote the use of calcium and magnesium plant nutrients on a national level. The strategy to improve unproductive acidic soils by corrective liming is geared to maximise South African crop yields.  Established by Carl Taljaard and Hendrik Heyl, SA Lime & Gypsum (Pty) Ltd has develop into the largest supplier of premium quality agricultural lime and gypsum in the country, with a presence in all nine provinces in South Africa and with over 40 years' experience in the industry.

Our products:

SA Lime & Gypsum provides a wide range of quality agricultural lime & gypsum products that meet the highest industry standards. Browse the product data sheets for an analysis of composition, appearance and packaging.