Industrial Lime & Gypsum Products

South African lime manufacturer, SA Lime & Gypsum, transforms quarried limestone and other lime material into different products, such as hydrated/slaked lime and quicklime. 

South Africa is particularly fortunate to be naturally endowed with significant reserves of limestone that are ideal for the production of high quality industrial lime. With access to superior lime raw material across the country, SA Lime & Gypsum is able to produce, market and deliver high quality industrial lime products at affordable prices, country-wide.  

Industrial Lime & Gypsum Product Range

As one of South Africa’s leading industrial Lime suppliers, SA Lime & Gypsum Industrial Products provides a range of cost effective and high quality industrial lime products:

  • Slaked Lime / Hydrated Lime
  • Unslaked Lime / Quick Lime
  • Road Lime
  • Water Purification Lime
  • Waste Treatment Lime
  • Lime stone
  • Industrial Washed Gypsum

For more information on the composition, appearance and packaging of each product, please browse our product data sheets.

Uses of Industrial Lime & Gypsum

Industrial lime is used for a wide variety of purposes in industry, including:

  • Construction (building construction, soil stabilization, asphalt)
  • Metallurgy (iron, steel, nonferrous metal)
  • Sugar and paper manufacturing and processing
  • Enviromental (flue gas desulfurization, sludge, animal waste, wastewater, hazardous wastes)
  • Cement Manufacturing

Advantages of using industrial lime & gypsum products:

  • Water purification – lime is highly effective in the purification of potable and industrial water. Hydrated water purification lime is routinely used to soften water and adjust the pH levels, thereby neutralising acidity levels, reducing corrosion of water pipes and mains and eliminating the growth of dangerous bacteria and pathogens.

  • Soil stabilisation - Roadlime is an unparalleled aid in the modification and stabilization of soil beneath road and similar construction projects.  Using Roadlime can substantially increase the stability, impermeability and load-bearing capacity of the sub base.  It is an excellent choice for modification of soil properties as it modifies almost all fine-grained soils, though the most dramatic improvement occurs in clay soils of moderate to high plasticity.  Modification occurs because calcium cations supplied by Roadlime, replace the cations normally present on the surface of the clay mineral, promoted by the high pH environment of the lime-water system.

  • Waste treatment – lime is widely used as a flocculant in water and sewage treatment. It stabilises residual sludge and treats bio solids before being recycled to the agricultural sector. It aids coagulation, makes sludge easier to handle and limits bad odours.

About Us

SA Lime & Gypsum Industrial Products (Pty) Ltd was formed in 2008.  The Company started trading in 2009 and now specialises in the production and marketing of the full range of value added Calcium and Magnesium products. 

The formation of the Company was a natural progression for our group, following a history as market leader of SA Lime & Gypsum (Pty) Ltd in the Agri Lime industry, which started trading in 2003 and grew into the biggest Agri lime company in Africa, focussing on agricultural lime and gypsum.

Contact SA Lime & Gypsum now for more information on industrial lime or to find out which product best suits your individual needs.