Titan Gypsum

Titan Gypsum, primarily composed of calcium sulphate, is mined and crushed to form a fine light brown powder. Titan Gypsum is a cost effective soil conditioner and very effective in correcting high soil sodium (Na) and is also used to raise the calcium content of soils without effecting the intrinsic pH balance. The gypsum is conveniently marketed in bulk and 1 ton bags.

Why Use Titan Gypsum?

Agricultural gypsum is routinely applied to:

  • Loosen heavy, clay soils allowing air and water to penetrate
  • Supplement calcium and sulphates in a form readily available to plants
  • Improve the structure of alkaline soils by removing excess sodium
  • Eliminate surface crusting

Titan Gypsum Mine Site

Titan Gypsum is available from SA Lime & Gypsum's Titan Lime Depot in Moorreesburg.

Titan Gypsum Chemical Composition 

  • Calcium (Ca) 26.00%
  • Calcium sulphate (CaSO4) 69.00%
  • Sulphur (S) 17.00%

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Product Data Sheet

Titan Lime, Moorreesburg

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